Using Essences with Children

"Children are the greatest legacy the world community has."

- Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere CBE, CM

The word for children in Maori is tamariki. This word has the energy of the central sun, the Divine Spark and a being of senior or sophisticated status in a diminutive or small form. The word tamariki  tells us that children are remarkable beings who have great knowledge and insight. 


Use the First Light Flower Essences safely and effectively to assist children with life challenges and traumas and to address personality issues. Use them for help in assisting children to deal with stress, crisis and anxiety and to cope with the ups and downs of life. They can be used  to provide emotional, mental and spiritual care for the whole family.


First Light Flower Essences can be used anywhere at any time.  They can be used at home, at school or when travelling.


The First Light Flower Essences essences are made available to you in two ways:

A 10ml Stock Bottle:

The 10ml stock bottle contains a concentrated form of the essence. The First Light essences can be taken straight from the stock bottle or diluted to create a highly effective personalised blend or treatment bottle.

A 25ml Personalised Blend Bottle:

The 25ml personalised blend bottle contains a specific selection of essences that have been combined with pure water to create a unique personalised blend treatment  bottle for you.


 There are four different ways in which we recommend you can select personalised blends:

Self Selection

For simple situations or situations where you would like to select a blend of essences yourself, consider the situation from the personal point of view.  Either refer to the Essences page to see all essences that are available to you, or to your copy of The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa. Decide which of the natural emotional remedies resonate most with the situation and order from our on-line store as a Personalised Blend - Self Selection.

Nature's Healing Bouquet ©

For more complex situations you may wish to use the personalised blend option of Nature’s Healing Bouquet ©  Just provide the necessary information about the child and the issue at hand and send it through to us and we will prepare a bottle of custom made essences for you.

Consititutional Essence Blend ©

Many people derive great benefit from  working with their Constitutional Essence © This powerful yet gentle blend of New Zealand native flower, fern, tree, seed and plant essences works specifically to naturally bring all aspects of the holistic being into harmonious alignment with the souls purpose.

Te Wheke Essence ©

The Te Wheke Essence © reflects the values that support one at all levels of the being.  Eight cards representing eight essences will be selected for you and a brief summary will be provided of the positive and negative attributes they address.  A personalised blend will then be created for you from the selected essences.

Alternatively you may wish to refer to a Registered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand Practitioner.


The new wave of highly sensitive children now appearing in ever greater numbers are very responsive to the higher vibrational frequencies of First Light natural emotional remedies.

The Orchid essences in the Orchid Collection have special significance for these children to whom they provide safe, natural and vital energetic and vibrational support.


These natural emotional remedies can be taken straight from the 25ml personalised blend or treatment bottle.  Simply place 2-4 drops directly on our under the tongue 3 times per day or as required.

If using essences directly from a 10ml stock bottle or for more ideas on how to administer essences from the 25ml personalised blend bottle, we recommend you administer them in the following ways:

  • With drinking water:  Place 2-4 drops of stock essence in a small tumbler of water and sip frequently.  Repeat 3-4 times daily.
  • In a spray mister: Put a few drops of selected essences into a pump mister filled with water and spray your child or the surrounding environment as required.
  • In bathwater: Add 8–10 drops of selected essences to your bathwater.
  • With aromatherapy: Add a few drops of selected essences to your favourite aromatherapy essential oil blend.
  • With massage oil: Add a few drops of selected essences to your massage oil.
  • By applying directly to the skin, use on energy or pulse points
  • By applying  to acupressure points or meridians using cotton buds.