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Welcome to First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand produces a range of flower essences made from the unique native flora of New Zealand.

A powerful yet gentle means of transformation these essences are natural vibrational remedies to achieve holistic wellbeing.

We are at the cutting edge in flower essence therapy, research, development and training worldwide. Our state of the art training courses are available worldwide via our Online Cyber School.

“I am proud to be associated with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand and fully support their objectives to provide a range of New Zealand native flower essences to help facilitate the total wellbeing of people.”

Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere C.B.E. C.M. — Spiritual patron and protector in perpetuity for
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand


The 9th Medicine Woman Residential Workshop, Retreat and Annual Gathering


For men and women who hear the call to journey into the sacred shamanic mysteries for personal and spiritual growth and to restore truth, harmony and balance to the planet. 

Join us for the 9th Medicine Woman Residential Workshop, Retreat and Annual Gathering where we will be celebrating the completion of a very  important cycle and the beginning of the new one that many prophecies said would be the one when The Goddess would return and with her return the sacred mysteries would be fully restored and made available once again.

This four-day information-filled transformational event will take you deep into the hidden mysteries by treading the sacred path of the medicine wheel that leads directly into the heart of the Great Mother and the realm of the Priestess.

High Frequency Stellar and Cosmic Light

You will be working with high frequency stellar and cosmic light and a special order of master teacher plant essences made from what the Ancient Egyptians referred to as tchefit plants.

You will be journeying into the magical realm of personal healing, the path of the healer, the path of the shaman, the path of the warrior magician who is
 Nga Tama a Rangi and the path of the priestess and priest.

Experience the Hidden Mysteries

Each day you will be working with one specific quadrant of the First Light Medicine Wheel© and over the course of the four days you will receive and personally experience the hidden mysteries that have never been given out publically before.

The Medicine Woman Workshop, Retreat and Annual Gathering this year will become a profoundly significant event that has been long-awaited in the spiritual and magical realms.

The number 9 is the number of completion, prophecy and adeptship and the digits within 2015 add up to 8, the supreme number of The Goddess. Therefore this year’s Medicine Woman event is the culmination of many events that happened before and the instauration (restoration) of the divine mysteries presided over by the divine feminine, The Goddess.

Male or female, young or old, if you hear the call to step forward and play an active role in restoring peace, order and harmony on the planet then this event offers you an opportunity to become part of the selfless and supportive community of people who play an active, intelligent and constructive role in the work of personal and planetary restoration.

DATE: Friday 20th to Tuesday 24th November 2015
TIME: Friday 7.00pm to Tuesday 4.00pm
SPEAKERS: Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Anthony Wyber
TOPIC: The Path of the Priestess and Priest - The Sacred Journey Around the Medicine Wheel
VENUE: Tauhara Retreat Centre, Taupo, New Zealand
COST: NZ$825.00 plus accommodation and food costs
ADDRESS: 60 Acacia Heights Drive, Acacia Bay, Taupo, New Zealand


Purifying Sweat Lodge

This year you will have the unique opportunity to participate in a traditional and powerful experience of Sweat Lodge. In the Sweat Lodge (Inipi) we purify body, mind, spirit and send out prayers on behalf of all that is.

Sweat Lodge numbers are limited, please register your interest via email to study@medicinewoman.com. There is a cash-only koha (suggested amount $30) to be paid on arrival at the workshop.


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“Tauhara was beyond description amazing and I feel so privileged to have attended and learnt what we have, to be a part of the hive whanau. It is always a bit hard to return to Australia and leave the blessed softness and sacredness of Aotearoa.”

- Gillian Crundwell, Australia.

“All magic. I would absolutely recommend this retreat to others coming home and building muscle for doing the work in the outside world.”

- Fiona Grimshaw, Auckland, New Zealand.


First Light® Flower Essence Tips

No 50 Rimu - Connection

Rimu balances, strengthens, protects, energises and clears the Crown Chakra - the centre that connects you to Spirit.

Rimu brings clarity and focus in everyday life, as well as spiritual connection, protection, stillness and tranquility. Works to strengthen the soul’s connection to the higher self.

Use to help draw energy in through the crown chakra and down to the soles of the feet. Helps you to trust your spiritual connection, especially in challenging and confusing times.



Flowertherapy World Day

 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® is delighted to be supporting Flowertherapy World Day 2015, a global day of celebration for Flowertherapy and a wonderful international initiative by RIF – Registro Italiano Floriterapeauti.

On this day, all across the world manufacturers, distributors, sellers, researchers, academics, associations, training schools and therapists will come together to showcase Flowertherapy as they join a wave of energy originated to renew, inspire and strengthen this ancient modality.

The 24th of September, the day dedicated to Flowertherapy World Day is the day that Edward Bach, father and pioneer of modern Flowertherapy was born. He re-opened the way to a marvelous adventure of healing and self-discovery by using the energy of flowers to support holistic wellbeing.

Flowers, water and sunlight

The Australian Aboriginals have always used flowers, water and sunlight to facilitate holistic wellbeing, as did the ancient Egyptians. Native Americans collected dew from flowers, and there has been a tradition of using the energies of plants in the form of vibrational medicine in India, Asia, Europe and South America. The Maori of New Zealand have also used the energy of native flowers and plants in this way to support harmony and balance on all levels, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

New Zealand is home to some of the most ancient and unique flora on earth, and is recognised by science as being a biodiversity ‘hotspot’. Aotearoa known as New Zealand, split away from the southern continent of Gondwanaland about 120 million years ago, and became a unique isolated oasis. New Zealand’s pristine flora has evolved in isolation for millions of years producing plants with unique qualities not available anywhere else in the world.

New Zealand native plants are unique in that they carry a natural energetic blueprint for the perfect state of wellbeing.

Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa

With the help of the ancient Earth guardians and in total cooperation with nature, First Light® flower essences were created by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber from the pristine forests of New Zealand. First Light® flower essences became a sacred taonga, treasure and a pure living embodiment of the sacred plant medicine of New Zealand.

First Light® flower essences are used on every continent around the world. The first light that shines on the ancient forests of Aotearoa is now shining in every corner of the Earth and this light grows brighter every day.

On the 24th of September we invite you to join us as we honor and celebrate the gifts of nature by supporting the inaugural Flowertherapy World Day - 24 September 2015.

Free First Light® Consultations

A number of First Light® registered practitioners around the country will be offering FREE First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® consultations. Keep your eye out on the events pages of our website to stay up to date with First Light® Flowertherapy World Day upcoming initiatives and to find a participating practitioner nearest to you.

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